Wednesday, February 19, 2020


It is easy to be too tired to right the world. I’ll be 70 in June. I do get tired. I take an afternoon rest now in between my working sessions. It restores me to go forward with my day. I work six days a week to run my own business. Most of my peers are retired, doing as they please. I’ll never retire. I like painting.

It is very easy to be tired of the politics swirling around us. I no longer watch much of the news, as it is depressing for me. Politics wears us down into numbness. Left, right, or moderate, there are always going to be ugly politics. I would like it if more people studied history. I have learned that at every era of modern politics, there have been ugly nefarious plots going on. There have been incompetents running the world for generations. I don’t think our thoughts and actions should be about our political persuasions.

Instead, they should be about the business of being decent, honest and kind humans toward each other. I have many conservative friends. We treat each other with respect, find common interests, and value our friendships. We find ways to improve our little part of the world together, without politics.

It is easy to wring our hands about the ills of the world and do nothing. It is too easy to just ignore bad behavior, instead of making an effort to behave honorably ourselves. Every kindness we extend, matters. Every bit of respect and positive effort we give matters. Every penny we donate to positive and decent organizations matters.

Protests look impressive, but I would rather use my energy supporting the natural world organizations, and the organizations who support human decency, than to stand around with signs. We cannot change minds with anger and hatred. We can change minds with kindness welcoming others into our circle. One day at a time, one friend at a time matters. I won’t let being tired stop me from using all my potential.

Life is wonderful for artists…..

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