Thursday, February 6, 2020

Saving Our Earth

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I've been very worried about our good earth's health. I know that the bird population is rapidly declining, along with our bee population. Deforestation around the world is on the rise. 

I see that political decisions are harming our lands, ecosystems, wetlands, and rolling back the protections for our wildlife and wild spaces.

It is easy to fall into despair. As a hobby naturalist, and landscape painter, I feel despair frequently. My livelihood and happiness depends on our good earth's health. Every landscape artist should be concerned.

I've been thinking about the ways that I can help, within my own circle of influence. There are too many people who moan about our politics and our wild places while doing nothing really to help our earth. Moaning about issues accomplishes nothing, except to increase our depression and angst.

I've always been a doer. I think about possibilities. Here is what I have done and will continue to do, "putting my money where my mouth is" as the old cliche goes.

1. I support land trusts in my state. Every penny helps them to purchase and maintain wild lands. They purchase the lands, save them and most importantly, they educate the public about the value of saving what is left of natural Florida and it's wildlife. 

2. I purchase a family state park pass for my grandson each year for his birthday. I want to pass my love for our beautiful state on to my grandchildren, just as I did for my daughters.

3. My mission as a painter is to educate others about the beauty of natural Florida, and our agricultural lands. I rarely paint the coast, boats, beaches or tourist towns. I want Florida visitors to understand the real, wild Florida and to adore it's beauty as I do.

4. I research our earth sciences so that I know  the best choices to make in managing my own small nature trail.

5. I support the Nature Conservancy by purchasing through Amazon Smile. I try to support businesses who make products that are earth friendly, recycle vintage art frames and other ideas and opportunities.

6. I support environmental action groups.

This is just a ripple in my tiny, insignificant pond, but at least it is a start. It is better than wringing my hands and doing nothing. We have but one opportunity in our lives to try and save our precious earth.

Life is wonderful for artists.....

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