Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Finish!

I’m so happy to report the my monumental efforts and my sister Becky’s equal efforts paid off. It has been a hard couple of weeks but the former closet in my studio is now a lovely display room for my Art Lover Kits and large paintings.

It has been quite a journey, including carrying two chests of drawers out and up the steps to the back porch, burning debris for five days, sorting and pitching old paintings, frames and lots of whatever! The utility room has new shelving too. I had planned to simply paint over the patched holes, but the paint I found was a warmer, semi gloss white, so I painted the whole room yesterday.  It is a delightful little nook, adding intrigue and charm to my studio. I’ve wanted to do this project for two years. I’m glad I finally faced the gauntlet and finished, just in time for my tea party scheduled tomorrow. 

My frame sale starts on Monday, so the tea room is full of frames, but I have set up the studio for the tea party. I can’t wait to see my visitors! The menu will include tiny stuffed baked potatoes, corned beef pate, three layer brownies, scones, and fruit. 

Life is wonderful for artists.......

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