Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Closet

I have a space issue in my studio. I have a nice small room/closet that is jammed full of old dressers, tools frames and art. It really does me no good at all, and I could be using it for display space.

I am gradually moving the bulk of my paintings to my Country Studio. I still have a small room and wall area at my town studio, which is secure for 2020 and unknown for 2021. 

More and more of my collectors enjoy visiting out here in the quiet country side for a cup of tea. I must make more display room here.

The task is daunting. I have two dressers full of teaching material to move out to the back porch of the house. Then far too many odd frames. It is time for me to have another used frame sale. I do this about every three years. My current students and former students love this sale. I sell all large frames for 10.00 and all small frames for 5.00 You can't beat that! The frame sale will be the week of March 9-14 if anyone is interested.

I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment, but in the end, this will be a smart effort. Why waste perfectly good display space?

That building has had many jobs over the long years. It was well built by my Daddy's friend Lester Wigglesworth, the premier mason of his time. It was my Daddy's workshop, then my home for a few years. The closet I am going to clean out was at one time my bedroom, cosy and useful for a single bed with a tiny night stand and lamp. Is it any wonder that I love my studio so much!

Life is wonderful for artists....

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