Saturday, November 14, 2020


 Grace is something we sorely need this year.  More and more, competitiveness has become the norm. I am appalled to see most of reality TV is about competition, even with young kid shows.  Winning or losing is all important now.

I believe we need to consider that being gracious winners or losers is more important than the prize. Perhaps we have forgotten that all of us win and lose regularly in life, from small irritations and victories to large and important. 

Most of our differences can be ignored. We all want our families to thrive. We all want respect and dignity. We can start with that without the anger and resentment of defeat or the righteous superior attitude of victory. I know I need to work on this myself, do you? 

I learned about grace from two important women in my life, my mother who was a traditional southern woman on the surface, and made of steel underneath. My other mentor of grace was a woman I worked for and have known for many years. She lives in Kentucky now. She was also made of steel but had incredible grace toward those of lesser means and status. 

It is never too late to reach out to each other, despite our differences. Treat others with grace, though they may not want it.

Life can be grace filled for country painters.......