Friday, April 17, 2020

Gifting Your Favorite Artist

There are ways you can help your favorite artists. I am hearing from artists who are very afraid. Their sales are dead. I have been lucky in that I have a very flexible marketing plan at all times. I paint for whatever situation I am faced with. Now I am selling small inexpensive paintings. They are keeping me going.  I am not the kind of painter who gives up or fails. I’ve survived many crises in my career. 

Some artists are inexperienced in marketing and unable to change their business plan to survive hard times. If you love your favorite artists you can help them in very simple ways:

1. Share their contact info and images of their paintings by email and on all your social media platforms. The more people who find an artist the better the opportunity to sell. 

2. Write a short testimonial for artists. Testimonials are a very important way to initiate trust for new art buyers. New buyers need to know they can trust the business practices of an artist they don’t know. Reading positive testimonials help to build trust.  

3. If you can pre-purchase a painting from an artist you love, now is the time. You may not have the resources, but I’ll bet you know someone who does. Be aware that tiny purchases mean much to artists now. It is a thrill to have sales of any kind. What might have been a thrill to sell a painting for hundreds/thousands of dollars in the past, now gives me a thrill to sell 20.00 paintings! 

4.  Chip in with a gift card for your favorite artists. Groceries, art supplies, restaurants all will be welcomed by artists during this difficult period. 

5. Gift small art to your friends and family. If you have all the art you can hang, buy art for others. That is a cheery surprise for someone to receive as a gift. 

Thank you sincerely to all who have bought paintings and who are sharing the work of your favorite artists. Believe me when I tell you it means everything! 

Country painters have a wonderful life........