Friday, February 21, 2020

What a busy Week!

What a busy week! 

I started on my renew my “closet” to display room project on About Friday of last week, and my big yard burn on Monday. My studio is a huge pile of everything that used to be in the room. My sister helped me to move the two chests of drawers onto the back porch. They will live there now. 

Today I removed the two shelves, to be relocated to the utility room. I patched all the holes in the room with wood putty. Later today I will sand the patches. I have ordered the paint. By Monday, I’ll be able to paint the patches and wall flaws. Monday afternoon I’ll stage the room for display and be ready to finish up the studio clean up during the week. Just in time for my next tea party next Thursday. 

During this redo I’ve been steadily burning yard debris, the huge burn pile and burning old paintings, reams of old notes, workshop books unusable frames, and other stuff I have hung onto for far too many years. 

It feels great to have this project at least half way finished. It is one of those I dreaded and put off for about two years. It is also cathartic emotionally, to get rid of what is just taking up space with no purpose. I am very much in favor of living a purposeful life. I believe we waste our lives without dreams, goals and new ideas. Letting go of old art, and other possessions is sometimes hard, but when it is over, those won’t be missed. Going through a project like this is like a walk through your past with a look toward your future.

Life is wonderful for artists......

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