Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tea Party Fun

Today’s tea party was splendid in every way. Unfortunately there were several cases of flu in the family, so only three were able to come. It was wonderful. 

The ladies couldn’t have been nicer or more delightful! We had two technology experts and a high school English teacher. Our topics included several books about history and historical fiction. I recently read a book about Tsar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm, and King George before WW1  and they shared books about WW2, relating them to out current lives. I learned that the famous Von Tropp family escaped to America during the war and still have a farm here. All the information was very interesting to me. I love my tea party guests. I always learn something new.

We spent a lovely afternoon drinking tea and chowing down on corned beef pate’, blueberry lemon sandwiches, Brie in puff pastry, chicken salad roll ups, scones and white chocolate bark. Who doesn’t love tea parties? 

My friend brought me a beautiful gift. A set of beautiful tea spoons. Each one is a different flower. They are so pretty. I can’t wait to use them at my next tea party. What a special gift! I have the most wonderful friends. 

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