Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Winter Pleasure

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It is full Winter now in north Florida. As I walked through the woods today I could see far into the woods in all directions. All of the leaves are thick on the ground in the deep part of Deer Woods Trail. It makes the acreage look vast. I can see so far now, with the underbrush and leaves down. My land is adjacent to vast acres of undeveloped natural Florida, I am so lucky! There is a natural gas line that the utility company keeps mowed between my land and my neighbor’s land. It runs for miles, making a fine trail in the cool months.

The sky was overcast and gray. It made a smoky atmosphere. The tree skeletons are various shades of black, silver white, gray and warm brown. The trees with leaves are tinted cool dark green. There are blue, gray, and purple tints to distant trees. The fields are ochre, sienna, and gray. Oh how I love winter in north Florida. This time is the real reason I stay, despite the heat, bugs, and jungle of the endless humid months.

Florida winter brings back so many memories of camp fires, fun with my kids, walking in the woods with my Daddy, feeding the horses on cold days and helping Daddy chop wood for the old stove. A lifetime in the deep woods with my paint box.

I’m getting my mini bird and nest paintings ready for my new Bird and Art Lovers Kits. The quality bird seed I ordered will be here tomorrow. What fun these kits are!

Life is wonderful for artists.....

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