Saturday, January 25, 2020

Career Musing

Career Musing

I think I have come up with an idea that works well . ‘I’Ve spent about a year promoting tea parties at my Country Studio. I’ve been able to branch off of the parties with a couple of small products that are getting traction. They are really marketing tools that I get paid for. I’m naming this concept as fusion marketing. I have thought a lot about making art that leads to other interests. I make Tea for Two and Art kits  and have added to that idea with Bird Lover and Art kits. I will add other interest kits like Garden and Art Kits, and Pet and Art kits.

This fusion of interests appeals to a larger audience than art lovers. The tea parties have introduced many people to my studio who might not visit, just to see art. The result has been extraordinary. My last tea party resulted in the sale of an 1800.00 painting. I almost always sell at the tea parties, though I never try to. I make the party all about the guests and the tea party. 

I am continuing to think about the possibilities of fusion marketing. Combining things I think are interesting with art. To me the success of this is always shared interests and service to my friends and collectors. Each year I give out 40 paintings for my sacrifice for Lent. This year, I’m sending out Tea for One with a tiny painting in a kit made from recycled paper from tea catalogues. 

I’ve had a lifetime of good friends from my art career and I never forget that. It is hard for me to understand artists who don’t want a relationship and friendship with their collectors. They only deal through galleries. How sad for them. From the time I finished art school, I have enjoyed making new friends through my art, interest in the natural world, and zany ideas I have shared with them.

It is also interesting to me that so many artists are spending all of their free time with other artists, trying to fit in with the top dogs and cliques that always form in every place I’ve ever been. Just as in every industry, there is a juggling for position and who is better than who. It is tiresome at best. In my maturity, I have come to love the emerging and hobbies artists the most. They are kind and inclusive. 

I learn a lot from. them, and regret all of the years I felt it important to be one of the top dogs. I would take that wasteful time back if I could.  The best thing I ever did was to leave the competitive art world. No more one upsmanship, trying to fit in, compete in Paint Outs and prize winning exhibitions. I am content on my trail painting, and in my beloved studio. Nothing to prove to anyone.

Life is wonderful for artists……..

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