Sunday, January 26, 2020

Embroidery Thread

As you can imagine, making all of my note cards and kits uses a lot of embroidery thread. I like to decorate my fun art items with this thread. It reminds me of my Mamma, who was an expert embroiderer. She made beautiful, traditional pieces and knew all the stitches. Mine is quite crude, but I really enjoy it. 
I don't remember why I got the idea to use the stitches on my note cards with a small painting, but somehow I thought it would give an old fashioned, homey feel to the cards. It has been a great success. People seem to enjoy the combination of the brown paper and stitching. I think it gives my cards a Country style which fits well with my Country Studio.
When I started making the Tea for Two and Art kits and the Bird and Art Lover kits, it seemed natural to decorate the envelopes with old buttons from my Grandma with my Mamma's stitching skill. It makes me happy to do so and reminds me of my time with them. I think they would be pleased.
Now I have quite a bit of short pieces of a variety of colored embroidery thread. A lightbulb came on over my head one day when I was gathering the snippets of thread to throw away. I realized that these threads would be wonderful nesting materials for the birds this spring. 
I've been snagging them onto trees on Deer Woods Trail on my afternoon walk. As I move along the trail, I look for pine trees, which have nice big slots between the bark and the threads fit right in. I think they will be useful for the birds and make colorful parts of their nests. They at least are pretty and will not go into the landfill. 
Life is wonderful for artists......

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