Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hope Barton Art Gallery

Hope Barton Art Gallery
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My big adventure this week has been all about a show at Hope Barton Gallery. I have inventoried, wrapped and packed about 20 paintings for the exhibition. This morning I was off to Clermont, FL to deliver to the gallery. My sister Becky drove me down and it was a beautiful day for a trip.  I enjoyed the passenger role for a change, observing trees, farms and ranches along the way. Florida’s agricultural land is so lovely.

We arrived at the gallery and were welcomed graciously by Hope. Her gallery is so cute and charming! It couldn’t be lovelier. There is a sweet little side room with lots of light and windows. She and her daughter have put in unique shelves and tables made from old doors and sills from there original home that her daughter grew up living in. The building is an old frame structure, beautifully maintained in the historic shopping district, just a few blocks off state road 50.  It is a jewel of a gallery with Hope’s lovely paintings of Florida rivers and creeks, David Hunter’s original prints, and other artists’ works throughout. This is not a typical tourist or commercial gallery. It is a true Florida gallery for collectors who know and love the wild spaces in Florida.

My work will be up at the gallery through February and I feel honored to be in such a lovely space. If you live in the Orlando area it is well worth the trip to see this charming gallery.
I’m back in my studio tomorrow back to work!

Artists have a wonderful life........

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