Friday, January 10, 2020

The Value of My Art

Value of Art

I've been thinking a lot about value of art. So many unfortunate people don't seem to relate to art as having value. What they don't realize is that art relates to every part of their lives. Industrial design makes the furniture they use, and the tools they pick up every day.

Artists are the historians of our culture. We record our time on this planet and interpret our culture's style, tools, and politics, along with the beauty we see.II decided to put into words what I think the value of my art is for my time on this planet.

What is the real value of owning my original art?
Most of my collectors are not wealthy. They don’t buy art as a speculative investment. Many of the best treasures have true emotional value. My collectors tell me that my paintings speak to them as memories of places and times they have experienced as destinations throughout their lives.
They want to be closer to the natural world. They enjoy the birds, flowers and trees I paint. My paintings take them out of their busy lives, if for only a moment at a time. They are concerned about our environment and long to savor a moment outside of their office, out in the wild spaces where I roam. Through my paintings and stories, they join me.
Owning an original painting means owning the only one in the world. I don’t sell copies or reproductions of my work. There is a magic to possessing the only painting like it. There are many reasons to own original art.
Think about starting your collection or giving art to those you love. Start small. Tiny and small paintings are less expensive and still bring joy. If you already have a large collection, think about gifting art to others who will have the same joy in ownership that you feel with each of your paintings. Paintings last your lifetime and for future generations to enjoy.
Artists have a marvelous friendship with their collectors. My collectors mean everything to me. They are my friends, supporters and part of my every day life. Our relationship goes far beyond an exchange of art for income. We develop friendships through mutual interests and deep respect for each other and our families. We don't concern ourselves with hateful political rhetoric or taking sides. Our relationship builds community and all of the positive aspects of our lives.

Artists have a truly wonderful life......

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