Sunday, January 12, 2020

Making the Tea and Art Kits

I’ve been having such a great time making the Tea For Two and Art Kits. One reason is making and decorating the hand made envelopes. I got down my grandmother’s button jar. It is so cool. The buttons are incredible. Some of them are very Art Deco in style, others very traditional and quite old. There are many styles that won’t work with the project. I put them back in the jar to save.

There are very tiny buttons, for use on baby clothes, and lovely pearl like buttons with metal backs that look quite old. There are a couple of campaign buttons for Wilke and Franklin Roosevelt. I found an army pin from Ft Benning Georgia. I don’t recognize the woman’s photo. It is old and yellowed. I am thinking that my son in law, a staff Sargent in Colorado might enjoy having it. I will save it for him. This has been a swell evening journey for me to sort through these fantastic treasures.

Making these art and tea kits is a wonderful way to practice my art, and share part of my family history with fellow tea drinkers. I think of the women before me who used needle and thread with these buttons. I had a request to put the kits in Paddiwhack as well as my Country Studio, so I will get around to that.

Artists have a wonderful life.......

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