Sunday, December 15, 2019

Baked Citrus

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Today I worked on a fun little project in the kitchen. I usually take Sundays to do other than painting projects, though I did manage to get a miniature painting done.  I recently saw on P Allen Smith’s newsletter, a blog about baking slices of citrus fruit to use for decoration. The blog advised to make chains of the fruit with twine to hang, but I decided to use embroidery thread to decorate them and put them in a bowl to sit on my tea table in the studio. I also added real cinnamon to mine. They smell wonderful. 

I used the rest of the fruit on my citrus trees, red grapefruit and Persian limes. I didn’t have any oranges left. I put parchment paper on a half sheet pan. I sliced the fruit thinly. I placed them flat on the parchment, no overlapping fruit. I used a clean dry towel to Pat the fruit as dry as possible. I baked the fruit at 250 , turning them a few times, about 2 and a half hours. The limes got more done than the larger fruit. I would be better next time to use fruit the same size.  I sprinkled cinnamon on them and tossed them. Then I did the sewing to add a bit of color.

I also made some goodies for upcoming tea parties. I made cheese stuffed salami and corned beef pate to spread on rye crackers with a pickle slice. My old chef day come in handy. I often use my catering recipes for tea parties.  I have a tea party guest tomorrow and another tea party group on January fourth, so I’d better get busy putting away supplies and new canvases tomorrow. If the weather holds, I’ll paint on my trail too!  

I am making a bit of progress on the new web site platform. I just have to figure out how to take stripe and PayPal for sales. I am still over my head, but at least I have my site back online.

Artists have a wonderful life...

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