Saturday, December 14, 2019

Artists Gift Giving

Gift giving for artists

I’ve been thinking about artists and their loyal followers. Gifts for artists are pretty simple. We have learned to live low on the food chain, especially those of us who are single, without partners. We count heavily on those good souls who support us with loyalty and kindness. Here is a list of gifts for artists:

Moral support- This is far more important than you might realize. Kind words of encouragement go far.

Purchase Art- This is so important for us. No explanation needed.

Purchase art as gifts- So many people buy trinkets or useless gifts, searching for something without thought of gifting art. Each year I buy two pieces of original art for  my daughters for Christmas. This year I bought a piece for a friend as well. 

Share your favorite artist’s work with others.- Add the artist’s email contact and web site when you share. Word of mouth is still the best.

Write a testimonial- A short paragraph about your joy in the artist’s work and knowing them personally is so helpful. Artists are proud of their work and a supportive testimonial builds trust in the artist for new collectors.

Gift the artist - with a coffee break, breakfast or lunch out. 

Gift the artist- With equipment or art supplies. Framing and art supplies have become very expensive. This is a welcome gift to any artist. 

Plan a studio visit and bring friends- Most artists welcome a chance to show off their studio to friends and collectors.

Host a party for an artist- This is a delightful way to introduce an artist to new friends and potential collectors. It is like having an old fashioned Tupperware party, but with art instead.

Talk up your favorite artist to gallery owners- When you visit art galleries, ask if your favorite artists are represented? Tell the staff or owner about the artist. 

Join the artist’s discount collector’s club. You will save on your art purchases.

There are many subtle ways to support your favorite artists. Many of them cost you nothing. Rest assured that your artist friends are truly grateful for your friendship and support.

Artists have a wonderful life.......

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