Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thanksgiving WEEK

The big Thanksgiving week is over, gone in a flash. Last night I got a night's sleep and today I will clean the floors. Yesterday I saw wonderful friends at Paddiwhack Gallery and I'm grateful for their loyal support and gifts. 

I got to thinking about the dynamic of family get togethers. We are all so different in our financial positions, levels of education, faith and lifestyle choices, yet we are family and loyal to each other. If it were a permanent situation it would soon become difficult to remain harmonic, but a now and then get together works reasonably well and we love each other unconditionally.

I'm glad that the generation below mine has done a better job than my sisters and I have done in staying closer to their cousins and extended family. They make the effort to see each other and allow their children time together when possible. I have first cousins that I've not seen in forty years, sadly.

It makes me think that our society could accomplish more harmony if we would be open to differences in our relationships. I am a liberal woman, yet I have many dear friends who are conservative and even ultra conservative. It doesn't seem to bother us. We find commonalities in our love of our children, grand children, farming and ranching, our hobbies and our pets. We have learned to simply avoid issues that result in anger and polarization. We share a love in our communities and our nation.

I am hopeful that the generations behind us will do a better job than we have.
Life is wonderful for artists......

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