Thursday, December 26, 2019


I'm getting excited about my new study for 2020. I am going to be doing a series of small studies of single objects, simple still life compositions. Lots of fruits, veggies, tea cups and pots, and anything else I find interesting. I bought a few boxes of 8x10 panels that are cradled and surfaced white, ready to paint. I will paint the edges and wire them so they can hang unframed. Since they will begin as studies, the price will be low, 210.00 until I get better at this. They will go in my Hallway Gallery at the Country Studio.
I rigged up a light box, a two sided cardboard box with tall sides to place objects in to paint. I attached a light on the top to cast shadows on the objects. I set it up on a low table next to my easel.
I have little experience with still life, having mostly been a landscape painter for most of my career. It is exciting and apprehensive at the same time to study something unfamiliar. I feel a great sense of anticipation for this project as I do each year.
I believe these study projects each year allow me a sense of adventure as a painter. They challenge me to improve and expand my skill level. I am blind in my right eye, so I have a bit of disadvantage with perspective, but I strive to overcome the small handicap. I have been told that this makes my painting style unique. Who knows? All to the good.
Artists have a wonderful life.....

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