Monday, December 23, 2019

Oldest Friends

One of my oldest friends passed earlier this month. I am getting to the age now where friends and acquaintances are beginning to pass. She was a few years older than I. We started our friendship in art school a hundred years or so ago. We were in the BFA program. She was one of the funniest, sarcastic people I ever knew. We brought out the best (or worst) in each other. We would stay up in the art department late into the night, bringing coolers full of beer and eats with us. We launched many funny schemes together during those days as we practiced painting. 

There was a very annoying pushy girl in our program that we could barely tolerate. We used to pull tricks on her to annoy her. It was great fun. This girl was part of a weird "I found it" sect. She had a bumper sticker on her car that said "I Found It" We went to the dog track and bought a bumper sticker that had at the Tampa Dog Track as part of the wording. We added that to her bumper, so it said, "I found it at the Tampa Dog Track". She didn't notice it for weeks!!

We remained friends for life, though not often seeing each other. She had a little tiny dog named Rat. When my daughters were young, we would shop for costumes and hats for Rat. She would photograph Rat in all of his costumes for us and send them for the girls.

In our time together, we went through several life times, changing addresses, cities and so forth, but we remained friends. She lived in a wonderful vintage home in St Petersburg, FL. It was gorgeous. It had a cool neighborhood alley behind it and we used to take walks there. I've always loved alleys and odd portals.

We would walk down to the bay front park in ST Pete and visit with all her neighborhood friends, swapping stories together. I'm happy to say that was the time of a wonderful life for her. In later years she was quite ill. I'm glad to know she suffers no more. I will miss her.

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