Wednesday, March 11, 2020


I’ve been thinking about the pandemic sweeping into our lives as an artist in business. Most people don’t understand that artists are the most vulnerable in business of our society. We no longer have the patrons of the arts that the Renaissance artists enjoyed. 

Whenever there is an economic down turn, terrorist attack, or large health crisis, artists suffer first financially. Many don’t understand how important art is to our emotional health. Culture defines our society in many ways. It lifts us above the ugliness and dreariness of bare existence. The beautiful pieces of furniture, drapes, rugs, cars we drive are all designed by artists. The paintings that give you a vacation from the mundane, are designed by artists. Artists are the historians of our own time on earth. The world would be drab indeed without the beauty and grace of good design. 

We artists must find ways to survive the constant crises that befall our world. Being flexible is so important. One month you are selling well, then something happens and you don’t have two nickels to rub together. We go from top to bottom almost instantly. Most art lovers want to continue to support artists, but they need to find lower prices for their purchases during hard times. Artists will be wise to make smaller paintings and make them easy to buy during these times. I accept layaway on all my paintings and accept credit card, check, and cash payments at my studio and on my web page. . My prices range from 6.00 - 6,000.00 and all in between. I sell miniatures on Daily Paintworks through PayPal, and here on FB. My paintings, and art kits make lovely gifts for any occasion.

Artists must have faith in their own ability to think of new ways to sell art, making it easy and affordable to purchase. The biggest differences in good times and hard times are faith that you will survive and thrive again, and the much harder work you must do stay afloat. Hard times prove that your followers, friends, and collectors are much more important than most artists realize. I never forget that these kind folk make my career and my lifestyle possible. I feel sorry for artists who have no desire to meet and know their collectors. They have no idea what they are missing. My friends, followers and collectors make everything possible for me. Every time they share my work, I am so grateful. I pray that we all survive this terrible virus, both mentally and physically, with grace and kindness to others.

Life is wonderful for country painters........

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