Saturday, March 7, 2020


I think it is a true mistake to lump all visual artists into one group. Artists don’t have a great reputation in the business world. I have talked with many business people who are surprised that I paint for a living full time and that I behave professionally. 

Many business people assume that all artists are disorganized, flighty, unreliable, and very unprofessional. I learned this first hand as a project manager at WDW, about 15 years ago. I was chosen to be a Garden Festival stage speaker that year. I arrived well prepared, with many props and give away materials from corporate sponsors in the art materials industry, including Gamblin, Source Tek, Grumbacher, Golden and other kind companies who are very supportive of artists. 

I was on time and ready to work, speaking twice a day on stage each day as assigned. I got to know the tech guys and producers who filmed the event. They were so surprised at my preparedness and lack of demands. I asked for nothing special and was treated as a VIP. They told me several horror stories about other artists they had dealt with. Demanding, unprepared, dressed poorly, and completely unprofessional. I have seen and heard these accusations about dealing with artists more than once since that experience. I have observed this myself at paint outs, and art openings many times. 

These artists seem to think they shouldn’t have to follow the rules or to honor deadlines. Somehow they have gotten the idea that they are more special than other people. I saw this from the business side last year at an event where I was on the committee who had to deal with the artists instead of being the artist. That was a real eye opener. 

There is a reason that corporations buy art through art consultants. Frankly, they don’t want to deal with the ego driven artists directly. Perhaps it’s time for artists to behave in a businesslike manner like other industries demand. It is entirely possible to wear your artist’s hat in the studio and your business professional hat out in the world and in your office. Please don’t send me mean posts. It is my group after all. 

Country painters have a wonderful life....

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