Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Morning on Deer Woods Trail

I can't decide whether I like morning or afternoon the best on my trail. It looks so different from one to the other. There are three parts to the trail. Trail one and two are best, early in the day. Trail three feels safer, a bit later, when there is plenty of good light.

Trail three goes through the cypress swamp area behind my studio. it is full of tall aged cypress trees, hickories and other hard woods, standing in water during the wet years, and dry now and then. There is a long creek that runs through my property and along the other land in the neighborhood. Trail three can be spooky looking in low light, and of course there are gators and snakes occasionally. I even have otters from time to time.

Trail one and two are upland trails, with pines and lots of tortoise dens. The trails are not large but they are beautiful. I am so glad to own the land and have my studio in the woods. 

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