Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mr Moon

Early Trail Light

This morning when I hiked around my Deer Woods Trail, I was led by Mr Moon. It was just dawn and the sun was still sleeping in the east. This is my week to get up before dawn and let my French Bulldog out for his break from his crate den. The almost full moon threw off just enough light in the west to guide me along the path. When it is near dark, I am more aware of the sounds rather than sight along the trail.

I could clearly hear the song birds waking up to talk back and forth. Blackie the crow and his pals were not awake yet. They usually start cawing and flying about 7:30, looking for a diner for breakfast. It was even too early for the owls to clock out for sleep. They must have been off getting in that last quick hunt before bed time.

Strolling along in moon light is a really lovely way to start my day as a painter. I observe large shapes and think about the atmosphere as it gradually lights along the way. The soft cool moonlight over the tall pines in. the west is lovely to see. 

I think about my projects for the day and listen to small animals rustle along the edge of the path in the woods. The tortoises are asleep, but I call them by name as I pass their dens. Having a life in rural north Florida is extraordinary for a landscape and nature painter. As I age, I have become an amateur naturalist, happiest out here in the woods and farm land my parents thoughtfully purchased almost 60 years ago. life is wonderful for a country painter.

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