Saturday, October 19, 2019

Blue Cypress Lake Road Ranch

Studio Parties

I have four studio parties a year, always in the same months and always with the same themes. People like to know they can expect the party and what its theme is. They are all food themed. I am not a wine and cheese kind of gal. I make real food. I stopped serving alcohol at my parties about 15 years ago. Everyone said people won't come. They were right and wrong. The free loaders who used to come stopped. Those are the folk who show up at every art opening, eat and drink as much as they can and never buy art. Getting rid of them was really a blessing. Now, true friends and collectors come to the parties.

Sometimes the party is a wash. Today is my annual Hot Dog Picnic party.  A tropical storm blew up almost overnight in the gulf and now there will be rain out here in the country. My studio assistant who works at all my parties called five minutes ago to tell me she is sick as a dog. Great! Not her fault. My dart board for the party arrived but it is not assembled. I can't figure out how to put it together. My handy girl is out of town on a job, so it won't be ready in time. My sister and I will be eating hot dogs and potato salad for about a month. It is ok. These little problems come up now and then. If four or five people come, I'll be very pleased.

All is not lost. The effort I put in will yield success in the future. The post cards I sent, the promotion of my studio, serve as reminders to my collectors and potential collectors, making them ever aware that I am here and I welcome them to my studio, not just for parties.  I'm here and the picnic will be ready at 11 AM. Ya'll come on out for a visit today!

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