Thursday, October 22, 2020

Election Stress

The election draws near. Lots of early voting this year. I voted early too. I can feel the stress building now, more than in any other voting year I can remember. Everything is at stake for our leadership and future as a nation.

 I confess that it disturbs me greatly, when I read that some of my friends have voted against my candidates. I know they feel the same way about me. We both react initially by thinking how could they vote for that horrible person? We are deeply divided politically in this country. I feel a terrible dread that we may repeat 2016.

 If that is to be, then I must prepare myself to live with this political climate for another four years. So many of our natural resources are being destroyed and that would continue. We only have a few more years to save our planet, and we are going in the wrong direction. We are going in the wrong direction away from civility as well.

 I must continue to respect others though we deeply disagree on so many issues. Unlike some, I want to reach out to others who feel deeply that I am wrong. I won’t ever change my beliefs in decency, good moral values, conservation and civil rights for all, but cutting those who disagree with me off, will not bring solutions for our future. Friendships create shared values at least on some issues.


Politics are stressful for country painters…

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