Saturday, October 3, 2020

Tea Party Fun

 I’ve been expanding my menu for tea parties at my studio. I found some swell new baking ramekins, a soft blue color, that go with the plates I use for tea. Monday before the vaccination bombs exploded, I made six little shepherds pies in the ramekins, for afternoon tea parties. I will also be making little chicken pot pies for parties.

Expanding into real cooking makes me feel like I am back to my old and loved parties before Covid. I always liked to serve serious food at my parties. I am not one for the cheese and crackers or dip and chips food. Anyone who looks at me knows I like real food. 

My guests always get homemade food. A variety of sandwiches, fresh fruit, savory spreads, and homemade desserts. My next tea party menu will be: shepherds pie, chick pea and cucumber salad, fresh fruit, chicken port wine and cheese spread, and white chocolate bark for dessert. My friend is coming out in a couple of weeks to commission two paintings, so we will have much to talk about. I can’t wait to see her. It has been a long time.

Tea parties are wonderful for country painters.......

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