Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 A college student wrote to me to ask questions for a sustainability project he is doing about the art industry. He had several questions and they were quite thoughtful. I love that he chose this topic for his project. 

One question was about sustainability and environmental impact of art galleries and artists’ studios and materials. What would I change about them? After thought, I  answered that packaging was the biggest issue for me. Everything is housed in plastic now. Canvases, hard boards, and other substrates are wrapped in plastic. All paints are now in plastic tubes, mediums are now in plastic bottles.

Why not go back to recyclable metal tubes and glass bottles, as they were once packaged? Art boards and canvases don’t need to be wrapped in plastic. I think plastic is far more damaging than the paint it holds. 

Another interesting question was about using recycled materials as art forms. He was familiar with recycled machine parts in sculpture. I pointed out the wide use and acceptance of recycled paper products like old book pages, maps, tea bags, and hand made paper, for two and three dimensional art. There are endless possibilities now for recycling materials and I often recycle frames. My collectors love knowing their paintings are in recycled frames. 

Sustainability is important for country artists.......

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