Saturday, October 31, 2020

Florida Land Owners

 I must speak up on behalf of Florida’s rural land owners, farmers, and ranchers. I have known and been friends with Florida land owners for most of my life.

Yesterday I found myself in a meeting with several urbanites who belittled ranching, farming, and rural people. Many of them were vegans. I have nothing against vegans, to each his own. I am an omnivore personally.  

Many urban people are unaware that ranchers and rural people are excellent stewards of the remaining private lands in Florida. We are all that stands in the way of developers, who would be happy to pave the entire state.

Ranchers allow universities to come on to their land to study wildlife, water quality improvement, and do many studies for climate research and habitat improvement. Ranchers maintain valuable habitat and remove invasive plants that are not endemic to our natural world. They love their land passionately. These vast ranches are home to many wild creatures and trees, and are cared for by educated and intelligent families. We are multigenerational Florida natives. The next time you go to Publix, be grateful to land owners.

Life is wonderful for country painters....

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