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I think it’s really important to be thinking ahead as a painter. Change is always on the horizon. I never put all of my eggs in one basket. I am constantly thinking about other opportunities for marketing and promoting my work. As our society changes rapidly, so does the art market and the way people buy art. Moving your work around as selling venues change, is the method I use to stay fresh and lively with my art. I spend a lot of time in the studio discovering new things and I must adjust my style and painting skills to my aging abilities. Having RA, hand tremors, and partial blindness are mere inconveniences.

In years past, street art festivals morphed into galleries for me.  After the recession it became essential for me to sell my own work as many galleries closed and that business model began to fade.  I still show in a few galleries but I am more comfortable as a self- supporting painter. Now social media, in the COVID age, has become much more important than the paint outs I did for 10 years.

 Watching financial trends, shopping trends and keeping my ego in check has helped me to survive in a less than stellar economy. Focusing my love and fidelity on my collectors and potential collectors is much more important than entering contests and winning prizes. I began to understand some years back, that competing and prestige among artists was not very important to my career. I don’t have to impress artists.  I want to please those people who love and support me with their hard earned dollars. They make my long career possible and I am humbled by their kindness. I know what my priorities are and I focus on them consistently. 

Life is wonderful for country painters.....

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