Sunday, October 4, 2020

Be Generous

 Let’s be more sharing between artists. When I was a young artist I began to notice that established artists were rarely willing to share anything, especially marketing information.  Gallery owners tend to be that way as well. 

There is a tendency for artists to horde information, collectors, and even supplies, fearing what? They are afraid another artist will out distance them in popularity? Someone else will steal their collectors? They will have fewer sales? Someone else will win the prizes? 

Perhaps another artist is popular because they are kind and generous. Perhaps they live with a sense of gratitude toward their fans, followers and collectors, earning the popularity without harming other artists. Other artists cannot steal your collectors unless you are careless in your relationships. It is perfectly alright for collectors to enjoy collecting a variety of art. 

Selling art is not about how many paintings you sell. You don’t need to know if you are out sold by other artists. You are missing the point. I know an artist who brags frequently about being the most popular artist and having the most sales in his/her town. He/she doesn’t include the fact that his/her pricing undercuts everyone else’s prices in order to claim that questionable fame. 

As a younger competitive artist, I won a drawer full of prizes. You know what? I never sold a painting because of prizes. Prizes are nothing but an ego booster. People who only buy art from prize winners are shallow. Prizes are a capricious decision by judges from university art departments. I have judged many art shows in my long career. It boils down to personal taste. Be generous with artists coming up behind you. It will only make you a better artist, and person. 

Life is generous for country painters......

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