Thursday, September 10, 2020

Followers or Friends


Followers vs friends is a topic worth considering. Social media has become a race for followers, to some artists. I know more than one artist who has given up their thoughtful posts on social media, because they don’t think people care about what they say. They don’t get a lot of comments, or large numbers of followers.


I don’t share my thoughts to get followers. I have about 1000 followers on Instagram. What does that mean? Nothing! I have never sold paintings on Instagram. Artists have the idea that these platforms are for selling art.


My thought is that social media is for friendships and admiration for others who do much to improve the world. I’m lucky to have many friends, due to my career. I’ve become friends with many thanks to social media. None of that is a popularity contest, nor should it be. I leave that mindset to the Kardashians of the world. Yes, I am deeply grateful for every painting I sell, but my posts come from the heart, stories of my life and career.


Every now and then I get a comment from someone who has never commented before. They tell me that they look forward to my posts each day. Who knew? It means the world to me. Every friend I have means everything to me.  Perhaps artists need to rethink social media.

Life is wonderful for country painters......


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