Monday, November 25, 2019

Trail 3 A

I had a tree down across the A portion of trail three for a few weeks. I've been taking my hand saw down to the tree for a little while each day, sawing across the limbs that are blocking the trail. It has been hard labor as you can imagine, but I got enough cut off to be able to walk the trail again. This morning at 7 AM I was out the door on my way. 
It was glorious this morning, about 50 degrees. Mr Sun was just below the tree line so the light was good but not yet blinding in the east. I don't usually walk the trail on Saturday and Sunday, so it has been three days since I was there. The color change was huge, back on trail three A. The hickories are at last beginning to adorn themselves with the deep yellow gold robes of late fall. Walking through A trail, seeing that beauty in the distant light was breathtaking. I must remember to take my camera tomorrow for a shot of that lovely view. 
As I walked along the trail, I thought about why we only learn about these important understandings so late in our lives. I am doing my best work as a painter now, hopefully with more improvement to come. What if I had been this disciplined and knowledgeable about my own land and as skilled a painter when I was a pathetic painter at 25? Why do I allow myself to be so busy with other obligations when every moment I have left is so valuable as a painter and lover of the natural world? I am going to make some changes in January, to give myself more time here in the woods.
Artists have a wonderful life........

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