Sunday, November 10, 2019

Plein Air Fun

I am making a bit of progress now with getting back outside to paint. Today is another beautiful day here in north Florida. When I arrived at my paint box there was a lovely doe in the woods. She flicked her white tail and bounded off into the sun. A beautiful sight indeed. 

Today I brought an 8x10 raw linen canvas. I prepared it with Golden glazing medium, which gave it a nice paint surface for acrylics. My palette was five colors, cad yellow lemon, Payne’s gray, titanium white, red iron oxide and ultramarine blue. Simple and easy to mix. 
The kiss rule always applies to my plein air work. 

I am always amazed by the plein air painters I see at events with cart loads of equipment. Tables, chairs, huge easels, lots of paint and brushes. They are basically moving their studio outside. I take a small paintbox with 6 colors, a couple of knives, three brushes, paper towel folded, a painting panel, tripod, water, hat. That is it. Everything fits in the box except the water and hat. I am a minimalist by nature, less is more.

I feel better about today’s effort. My muscle memory for paint box painting is starting to come back. Today I felt better in my own skin. It was no longer alien to me. Using the shade effectively, turning and moving the box as the sun changed was more natural today. Spending time on the trail is always the best part. Leaving my box set up and just bringing fresh water and a canvas is a fantastic way to paint out doors. There is a magic to painting your own land or land that you know and love so much, like Fair Oaks. 

Painters have a wonderful life....

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