Saturday, November 9, 2019

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I decided it was a good day to take my paint box out on the trail. I set up and brought along a tiny 4x4 inch canvas. My friend Diane Brody, kindly gave me these canvases, as she doesn’t like the tiny ones. She is a fine painter, using painting knives. 

I chose a spot along Deer Woods Trail with a portal of back light for today’s effort. I could feel the breeze, smell the good earth under my feet, and talk back to my friends the crows as they passed over my head, saying “un uh” to my work. Critics are everywhere! The light filtered in and out, and I repositioned my box a few times, to stay in the shade. 

I’m not a great plein air painter. I consider plein air work to be a study for larger studio work. It is not the painting for me, but the beauty of my surroundings, and learning that are of value. Surprisingly, some people really like the messes I make out in the field. 

After my painting session, I took a nice walk around the trail. The great thing about owning the land you paint on, is that I can leave my box out on the trail with a plastic bag tied over it. I can go out on the next day or so and paint again. 

Life is good for painters.....

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