Saturday, November 16, 2019

I like to do some research every day about science. I learned today that scientists have proven that trees pump water from their roots up into the leaves at night. It was formerly thought that it was an automatic process, but now they discovered that the limbs move up and down deliberately at night, pumping the water upwards from the roots. is that cool or what?

I have always loved trees, since my early childhood. I was at that time a champion tree climber. I had my share of falls too. Once I fell out of the tree in the yard and it knocked me out cold! My sisters were shocked when the teenager next door carried me into the house. He had been outside and saw me fall. My sister called my momma and told her I was dead, then hung up on Momma. I came to and they called her back to say I was ok.

Trees have been my friends for my entire life. I began to paint them in earnest about 20 years ago. I definitely feel their communication and wisdom when I stand under them. Can you imagine the stories they can tell over hundreds of years? Some are thousands of years old.

We really owe our very lives to trees. I like to look at species from around the world. Some are so exotic that they look alien. They have adapted to fit the climate they live in. Peoole make fun of "tree huggers" like me, but we must become aware of the life giving resource that developers are cutting down faster than they can grow. 
Artists have a wonderful life.

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