Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This morning I was out early on the trail. There are lots of interesting fungi growing on trees this time of year. I picked up a sample that was growing on a piece of pine bark, next to the trail. I have two small jar terrariums for moss on the window sills of my studio. I added this sample to one of the terrariums. I like to pick up interesting things off the trail to add to my collection. I recently found a tiny bird's nest near the trail. I saved it. There were no eggs but I found some made with clay that look completely natural and fit nicely in the nest. 

What is it that I love so much about trails? Especially owning the land they are cut through. There is a simple magic to them. I never know what new object I might find. A nest, foot prints that were not there yesterday, the bends and turns with mystery just beyond my vision. The caw of crows overhead, the piercing call of the hawk high above me. The rustle and crashing sound of the deer at the perimeter of my vision, racing away.

Some people love to shop, some love to chat in cafes, some are movie fans. I love the woods and fields like no other place. The fine old trees along the path, the tortoise dens dug deep under ground. The filtered light bouncing off the leaves, making patterns along the trail. The waves of grass across the fields of a lovely farm, speak deeply to me.

Artists have a wonderful life.....

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