Friday, November 22, 2019

Back Roads Color

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I took the back roads over to Micanopy today to deliver three tree paintings to Christine, who with her husband owns Blackbird Farm and Gallery. The little gallery is just precious! I love showing my work there and she is a wonderful host. The tree show has about 15 artists, so you will see some lovely and interesting varieties of the theme. She had a field full of lovely very tall yellow flowers and sunflowers today. I admired the field as I arrived. Her farm is so charming and so is she. Go to her opening for the exhibit next Friday and the following two weekends. You will enjoy it. Take Division Street all the way to the right curve, then turn left on Whiting Street. Her farm is just after it turns into a dirt road on the right. Blackbird Farm in Micanopy.

As I drove home, scouting out CR 346 and then the road to Hawthorne Road, I so enjoyed the change in colors. The River Styx was in full regalia as I passed by. I was going back and forth to Evinston each day just a few weeks ago and now the tall green grasses and trees have changed to their Fall color, beautifully.

Now I see miles of rust and wheat in the grasses. I have an interest in wild grasses. Today many were standing tall, with puffs of cottony fluff on the tops. They re so pretty and varied. I studied painting grasses one year as one of my study projects and learned some about them. There are many wild varieties here in this part of Florida.

The swamp maples are in full color, along with many bald and pond cypress I viewed. The cypress leaves varied from golden yellow, to burnt orange and then oxide brown. Sometimes I like the North Florida Fall color better than the further north brilliance. In Florida, you get a variety from the blue grays, to green, to splashes of orang, red and gold, which makes those warm colors really stand out.

Life is wonderful for artists....

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